Bookpackers Inspiration

What makes for the best bookpacking experience?  It's about the right book in the right place, seeking that perfect balance of depth and color and excitement for a vibrant travel experience.

Back in April we launched a survey asking which combinations of books and destinations excited people most. 80 ‘friends and followers’ responded, and the results are mouth-watering - a glorious selection of novels set in tempting locations that cover the map of the USA, from Hawaii to Alaska to Florida, and most places in between.

Some of these we’ve experienced (see here). Most we haven’t (yet!). So what follows is a checklist of future trips, mixing city breaks (Savannah - ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’), road trips (‘On the Road’), itineraries (‘Huckleberry Finn’) and extreme bookpacking adventures (‘Old Man and the Sea’, ‘Call of the Wild’, ‘Deliverance’).  The list balances hardy perennials (‘To Kill a Mockingbird’) with some more surprising gems ('The Shining' in the Colorado hotel which inspired Stephen King, and Peter Benchley's 'Jaws' on Long Island).  It's a feast for the mind and the senses - a Bookpackers cornucopia…